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Find out how you could save time and money by taking advantage of PWL Bookkeeping's complete payroll service.
In today's competitive economic climate, it is becoming increasingly important to make the most effective use of your time. Being able to outsource routine tasks such as payroll can help, allowing you to focus on your own business development.
Running a small business places many demands on your time. We can help lift the load with our complete payroll service, suitable for a wide range of organisations in Norfolk.
Our efficient and practical payroll bureau means that you can be sure your payroll is handled expertly and complies with all the requisite legal requirements. Designed to ease your administrative burden, our service removes what is often a time consuming task, leaving you free to concentrate on managing your business.
Transferring your payroll to us is easy. For a fixed monthly fee, you benefit from the knowledge that:
· Your staff are paid consistently and on time
 PWL Bookkeeping Services process your payroll to an agreed schedule and are able to transfer funds to your employees' bank accounts should you need us to.
· You automatically comply with changes to legislation
 these are updated on our payroll software as they are confirmed to ensure the correct deductions are made.
· Your staff will receive an accurate rate of pay
. We ensure that you meet statutory requirements including National Minimum Wage and Agricultural Wages Board Rates and the Construction Industry Scheme.
· You have access to advice regarding statutory payment
We provide information on your obligations for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and Statutory Adoption Pay (SAP).
· Your staff's holiday entitlement is calculated for you
We make sure that your employees' holiday provision complies with Statutory Holiday Entitlement.
· Your year end processing is simplified
 We produce P35/P60 reports for your employees and file all the necessary returns for you electronically online.
Find out more about our payroll services with a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.
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