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How do you deal with the invoices as they arrive in the post, and the phone rings and they simply get shoved in a big box. Then once a month (or worse… year) you get incredibly stressed.

How would you feel if we told you that it really doesn't have to be that way? That's right. Using Xero, the online accounts package, and with help from PWL Bookkeeping Services a Xero accountant your life could be a lot simpler.

What is Xero?

Xero is an easy way to record your sales and purchase invoices, make sure your records are complete, and produce your VAT returns.
By using Xero you will also make things more pleasant when you see your accountant each year and it should even bring your bills down a little!
In one sentence, Xero provides a real time view of your business, enabling you to manage your banking, customer payments, invoicing, bookkeeping and information reports.
Enhance your business experience, put yourself in a better position to make decisions and most importantly have fun!

Why use Xero accountants?

As Xero accountants we are able to set-up any small business on Xero. We focus on what you want. As accountants we know how we would like to see your bookkeeping. However, this is usually very different to what you want. We work with you to look at all the pro's and con's to ensure that your Xero account is configured in the perfect way for you.
In addition, we make sure that you know how to use Xero to the level you need! There's nothing worse than accountants who put you on a new accounts package and expect you to muddle your way through.

Online vs Offline

In the past you had to install accounts / bookkeeping packages (such as Sage and Quickbooks) onto your computer or server. With Xero there is really no need. Everything is hosted in the cloud
Xero is actually hosted on the Internet. In simple terms this means that your data is automatically backed up and there is no need to install updates as you always have the latest version.

Other advantages include:

  • Access to your accounts from anywhere in the World!
  • Unlimited users at no extra cost
  • Produce and send invoices from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac
  • Easy integration with lots of partner products (CRM, Stock, Till, eCommerce systems)
  • Mobile card payment system.
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